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  • Services for Companies and Individuals

    The Asian Chamber is a forum where people can gather to discuss relationships with Asian countries, and which stands out for the active participation of both experts and authorities.

    • Foreign Trade Meeting

      The companies that are members of the Chamber and share the same business sphere (e.g., imports-exports, legal affairs, etc.) meet on a regular basis to update relevant information on Asian countries, and invite experts and authorities to deliver presentations on meaningful subjects.

    • Visits by Asian Delegations

      The Chamber regularly welcomes Asian trade delegations interested in contacting local companies and finding business partners. Depending on their field of business, Chamber members are invited to these gatherings as exclusive guests.

    • Contacts with Embassies and Consulates

      The Chamber works closely with Asian governmental organisations in Argentina and Argentine governmental organisations in Asia to facilitate access of the members to them.

    • Meetings with Commercial Attachés and Diplomatic Corps

      Commercial attachés working at the region’s embassies in Argentina are invited to participate at working meetings and camaraderie events side-by-side with our members, with the goal of tightening bonds and sharing information on the procedures and regulations that member companies need to follow to do business both in the field of foreign trade and in other spheres.

    • Consulting services

      The Chamber welcomes any questions its members may have in connection with foreign trade. Whenever our members’ requirements entail a specific service, we offer our guidance and supply lists of recommended providers.

    • Publications

      The Chamber publishes its ProAsia magazine - the only publication in our country dealing with foreign trade with Asia-Pacific -, which our members receive for free. Other publications, in particular the E-Asia electronic newsletter and our statistical reports, are shared solely with our members.

    • Agenda

      The Chamber keeps its members updated on its upcoming events six months in advance. Most of our activities are free of charge and exclusive for our members.

    • Exchanges among Member Companies

      The Chamber organises different events with the goal of bringing its members closer together. We foster the exchange of experience and information, as well as opportunities for joint projects between members.

    • Courses, Seminars and Exhibitions

      Members are regularly invited to participate at events organised or sponsored by the Chamber. These events can either be free of charge or involve attractive discounts for our members.

    • Advice on Travelling to Asia

      The Chamber provides advice on visa requirements, service contracting, vaccines, protocol-related matters and other topics to members joining trade missions, trade shows or business or pleasure trips in Asian countries. Some airlines offer special rates or benefits to Chamber members.

    • Commercial Reports

      When it comes to doing business with Asia, finding Asian suppliers, local importers and trade shows and exhibitions can be critical. These reports are offered to our members at preferred prices, and in addition, the Chamber provides guidance in each case to maximise the usefulness of report contents.

    • Discounts for Services

      The Chamber has signed agreements with service providers to benefit its members with significant discounts and promotional rates. This includes such things as interpreting and translation services, business card design, commercial reports on the financial standing of specific Asian companies, etc.

    • Discounts on Advertisements

      The Chamber’s website, its Pro Asia magazine and its E-Asia newsletter are important tools for members wishing to advertise their products and services. The Chamber benefits its members with preferred publication rates.

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