• The Chamber

  • Strategic Proposals for Shared Development

    The Argentine Chamber of Commerce for Asia and the Pacific was founded in Buenos Aires in 1991 as an initiative of a group of companies that stood out for their experience in trading with different countries in Southern and Western Asia.

    The objective of our Chamber is to foster commercial exchange and relationships between local businesses and the countries of Asia-Pacific - a region that has become the major market for Argentine products -, and to bridge the cultural divide, particularly in connection with language, customs and commercial practices.

    The Chamber organises trade missions and acts as a host for Asian businessmen visiting Argentina. In addition, it conducts courses and seminars and coordinates business rounds and meetings. Our Chamber also produces statistics, publishes news bulletins and other publications, provides consulting services, and supplies relevant information to government officials and agencies with an interest in the exchange between Argentina and Asia-Pacific countries.

    The Chamber carries the voice of the private sector whenever agendas are prepared for Bilateral Meetings between Argentina’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its counterparts in each of the countries of the region, and acts as a representative of Argentine businesses during inter-governmental events.

    Our Chamber has also built a tight bond with trade offices at the embassies of Asia-Pacific countries, its consulates, other chambers, and at institutions devoted to promoting trade and exchange. It also helps to bring cultures together, fostering communication and mutual learning between Asia-Pacific nations and Argentina.

  • Bilateral Chapters

    The Asian Chamber is a “Regional Chamber” organised around Bilateral Chapters in charge of analysing and developing specific interests existing between Argentina and each country in the region. These Chapters are, in alphabetical order:

    • Argentina - Australia Chapter
    • Argentina - China Chapter
    • Argentina -Corea del Sur Chapter
    • Argentina - Filipinas Chapter
    • Argentina - India Chapter
    • Argentina - Indonesia Chapter
    • Argentina - Japón Chapter
    • Argentina - Malasia Chapter
    • Argentina - Nueva Zelanda Chapter
    • Argentina - Pakistán Chapter
    • Argentina - Singapur Chapter
    • Argentina -Tailandia Chapter
    • Argentina - Vietnam Chapter
    This is in addition to our:
    • Argentina-Taiwan Committee
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